Recent Publications

Colorado Water Plan

The Getches-Wilkinson Center, in conjunction with many collaborators, has a strong interest in promoting implementation of the Colorado Water Plan (CWP).  This entails work on several subjects, including agricultural water conservation and transfers, integrated land and water planning (including watershed planning), and improved Colorado River management. Read the most recent paper: Shepherding Appropriated Water Within Colorado and to Lake Powell for Colorado River Compact Security by Lawrence J. MacDonnell and Anne J. Castle, and visit Western Water Policy Program to find a full list of documents and resources.

Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) within a Human Rights Framework: Lessons from a Suriname Case Study

A report on lessons learned from the Merian Mine prepared by an Expert Advisory Panel, organized by RESOLVE. Read the Case Study.

A Roundtable Discussion on the No-injury Rule

A roundtable discussion featuring a diverse group of expert water jurists, water lawyers, water engineers, state water officials, and academics on Colorado water law and Colorado water policy. The workshop discussed one aspect of the state’s water law that is seen by some as impeding the type of flexibility needed to avoid a crisis-namely the “no-injury rule.” The full article appeared in the July 2015 issue of The Colorado Lawyer. Read more.

Navigating a Pathway Toward Colorado’s Water Future: A Review and Recommendations on Colorado’s Draft Water Plan

In the spring of 2015 the Getches-Wilkinson Center convened a group of renowned water policy experts to conduct a detailed review of the draft of the Colorado State Water Plan, with an emphasis on plan implementation, water management, climate change adaptation, and public water uses. This report reviews the current plan and provides conclusions and recommendations in five areas. Read the Report.