Fall 2018 Newsletter

Featured Articles

GWC welcomes new Getches-Green Clinical Director Sean Helle

Ruth Wright endows the GWC Distinguished Lecture in Natural Resources

Food for his Children: A Podcast about U.S. v. Washington

Fall 2017 Newsletter

Featured Articles

Experiential Learning on the Colorado River learn about CU Law Student’s adventure on the Colorado River

Native Communities and Environmental Justice a celebration at CU Law to honor the 10th Anniversary of the United Nation’s adoption of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

The Governors’ Climate and Forests (GCF) Task Force convenes a workshop a to promote cooperation between indigenous peoples and local communities with subnational governments

Fall 2016 Newsletter

Featured Articles

Professors Charles Wilkinson and Sarah Krakoff discuss the Bears Ears landscape in Southern Utah. Professor Wilkinson has worked on the Colorado Plateau for decades and was one of the main architects behind the Coalition’s Proposal to President Obama.

Getches Fellow Jessie Heibel’s article discusses progress of CU Law’s student volunteer work on Native Communities and Environmental Justice through the Acequia Project.

An interview with Professor Mark Squillace on the 40th Anniversary of FLPMA.