Curriculum and Programs

FALL 2019

CourseCourse NameFaculty
5205-802Legislation and RegulationJacobs
5205-803Legislation and RegulationSquillace
5303-801Civil ProcedureKrakoff
6112-801Foundations of American Natural Resources LawAdjunct-TBD
6502-801Wildlife and LawHelle
6732-801Renewable Energy Project Finance and DevelopmentSafty
7202-801Environmental LawJacobs
7209-801Clinic-Natural Resource and Environmental LawHelle
7222-801Environmental Decision-MakingSquillace
7309-801Clinic-American Indian LawFredericks
7715-801Indigenous Peoples and International LawCarpenter
7725-801American Indian Law IKrakoff
8320-801Seminar-Oil and International RelationsGuruswamy


SPRING 2020 (Tentative Preview)

CourseCourse NameFaculty
6002Public Land LawRobert Anderson (Visiting Professor)
6112Foundations of Natural Resources LawRobert Anderson (Visiting Professor)
6302Water ResourcesMark Squillace
6510International Environmental LawLakshman Guruswamy
6712Climate Change Law and PolicyTBD
6722Energy Law and RegulationJacobs
7102Oil and GasDavid Ritchie
7209Clinic-Natural Resources and Environmental LawHelle
7309Clinic-American Indian LawFredericks
7735American Indian Law IIWilkinson
8112Seminar-Advanced Natural Resources LawKrakoff/Madden
8722Seminar-Advanced Energy LawSafty

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