Curriculum and Programs

Fall 2018/Spring 2019 Natural Resources, Energy, and Environment Class offerings

FALL 2018

Course Professor
Public Land Law Pidot
Foundations of Natural Resources Law and Policy Flynn
Indigenous Peoples and International Law Carpenter
Environmental Decision Making Squillace
American Indian Law I Collins
Oil and Gas Kramer/Ritchie
Clinics—Indian Law Fredericks
Clinic—Natural Resources & Environmental Law Helle
Clinic—Sustainable Community Development Cantrell
Seminar: Oil and International Law Guruswamy
Environmental Law Review Law Review Staff



Course Professor
Water Law TBD
International Environmental Law Guruswamy
Mining and Mineral Development Law Flynn
Energy Law Jacobs
Environmental Law Jacobs
Climate Change J. Skinner-Thompson
American Indian Law II Wilkinso
Advanced Natural Resources Law Seminar “Law of the River”



Seminar—Cultural Property Carpenter
Clinic—Natural Resources & Env. Law Helle
Clinic—American Indian Law Fredericks
Clinic—Sustainable Community Development Cantrell
Environmental Law Review Law Review Staff


Maymester 2019

Course Professor
Climate Impacts & Land Use Issues in the Mont Blanc Ecosystem

*Chamonix, France