Curriculum and Class Schedules

FALL 2021

CourseCourse NameFaculty
5205Legislation and RegulationMark Squillace
5205Legislation and RegulationSharon Jacobs
5303Civil ProcedureSarah Krakoff
6002Public Land LawSam Kalen
6112Foundations of American Natural ResourcesSam Kalen
7209Natural Resources and Environmental Law ClinicJonathan Skinner-Thompson
7222Environmental Decision-makingMark Squillace
7309American Indian Law ClinicTBD
7715Indigenous Peoples in International LawKristen Carpenter
7725American Indian Law ISarah Krakoff
8725Seminar: Advanced Topics in American Indian LawKristen Carpenter


SPRING 2022 (Tentative Preview)

CourseCourse NameFaculty
6302Water ResourcesMark Squillace
6510International Environmental LawMelissa Powers
6712Climate Change Law and PolicyMelissa Powers
6722Energy Law and RegulationsSharon Jacobs
7102Oil and GasTBD
7122Mining and Mineral DevelopmentRoger Flynn
7202Environmental LawJonathan Skinner-Thompson
7735American Indian Law IICharles Wilkinson
8312Seminar: Law of the Colorado RiverSarah Krakoff
8722Seminar: Advanced Energy LawTBD

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